Facial Waxing

Eyebrow Cleanup/Sculpting $18
Unwanted hair around the eyebrows is cleaned up.
Lip $10
Hair is removed from the upper and/or lower lip
Chin $12
Hair is removed from the entire chin
Nose $10
Hair is removed from the top and/or the inside of the nose.
Sideburns $15
Hair is removed from the sides of the face.
Full Face $35
Hair is removed from the eyebrows, lip, chin, and sideburn

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Tinting Services

Eyebrow Tinting $20
A color is chosen and painted on the eyebrows. 
Eyelash Tinting $25
A color is chosen and applied to the eyelashes. 
Brow and Lash $35
I use all natural vegetable dyes in an array of colors. I can dye the hair darker, but I cannot make it lighter. Color lasts about 1 month.

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Body Waxing

Half Arms $25
Either lower or upper arms
Arms $35
Hair is removed from the entire arm, including hands.
Underarms $20
Hair is removed from the entire underarm region.
Chest $40
Hair is removed from above the stomach to the shoulders.
Half Back $30
Hair is removed from the upper half or lower half of back.
Full Back $50
Hair is removed from the entire back not including shoulders.
Full Back and Shoulders $65
Hair is removed from the entire back, including front and back of shoulders.
Buttocks $25
Hair is removed from the buttocks cheeks.
Half Leg $35
Hair is removed from either the top or bottom half of the leg.
Full Legs $65
Hair is removed from the both legs, including feet.
Basic Bikini $30
Hair is removed from the top and sides of the bikini region. You will be able to wear bikini bottoms or a full swimsuit without protruding hair.
Graduated Basic Bikini $40
All hair is removed in the bikini region. Two finger widths of hair remains vertically in the center. Hair can be left on the labia or removed.
Brazilian Bikini $55
All hair is removed from the bikini region. No hair is left in the front, on the sides, or inner thighs.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is waxing ? 

Waxing is the most common form of hair removal techniques in day spas today. In this treatment warm or cool wax is applied to the hairs and is pulled off in strips. 

Will it hurt?

Body waxing can be an uncomfortable process. However, a skilled professional can make all the difference in the world! I personally have 4 years experience in body waxing and my skill level, commitment to excellence, and high quality products, help ensure the most painless wax possible. If you are very nervous, taking 2 ibuprofen roughly half an hour before your scheduled appointment time can help.

How should I prepare for body and facial waxing ? 

Different areas of the body grow at different rates! For bikini or Brazilian waxing 10-14 days is best, legs usually require 2 weeks of growth, and, Under arms are only about 5 days, while eyebrows will need waxed when ever their appearance starts bothering you.   If hairs are left too short, the wax won't be able to adhere to them strongly enough to pull them out. Waxing should not be performed if you have extremely sensitive or fragile skin, or if you are taking Retin-A, or Accutane because the skin will be more susceptible to tears. For female clients, it is best to avoid getting waxed 3 days before and or after your menstrual cycle as the skin may be more sensitive due to hormones.

What can I expect during waxing? 

Usually, a preconditioning lotion is first applied to the area to be waxed. Then warm wax is applied onto the skin and strips of special waxing cloth are pressed into it and is quickly removed. You may feel some discomfort when the wax is pulled off. The more you experience waxing the less the discomfort becomes. 

What is Brazilian waxing? 

Brazilian waxing got its start with the daring bathing suits worn by both sexes on Brazil's sunny beaches. The treatment involves waxing off all hairs from the genital area. Some clients request hair on the inner and outer buttocks be waxed off also, "the extreme Brazilian". 

How should I prepare for a Brazilian wax? 

The same as you would for a bikini. Be aware that there is no modest way to receive a Brazilian. However your esthetician is a professional and will do everything possible to make you feel comfortable. 

Post Wax Care: It is important to care for the waxed area properly to prevent ingrown hairs, breakouts or other reactions. Exfoliation will help keep the skin clean and less prone to blemishes. Home care products may be recommended by your esthetician. 

 Do not use tanning beds and avoid sun tanning 
directly after waxing and for about 48 hours

Avoid Hot Water or Saunas

​​Avoid Chlorinated Water (pool or spa)

Avoid Deodorant with Aluminum

Avoid Tight Clothing for Legs/bikini ​